Alliance Wars is how your Alliance can take control over cities and extract loot from them. Players can also join other Alliances' wars in exchange for special rewards.  

Alliance Wars-1

When a city is burning, it means it’s under a war. We could click war button to join the battle and claim the rewards. The city ownership will be decided in the end of the battle.

Alliance Wars-2

You can also choose to declare war yourself. Click on the War button to attack a basic city. If you win the battle, the city will become occupied by your Alliance.

Alliance Wars-3

If you want to choose an Alliance War, you can choose to be on either the defending or attacking side. If your Alliance is directly involved in this war, you cannot choose your side and must stand behind your Alliance.

Alliance Wars-4

Several Armies can be sent to Alliance Wars. Click the tabs on left of the screen to control them.

Alliance Wars-5

When you select an army, the tiles surrounding it will light up. Click on the tile you want your army to move to. If the enemy is on a surrounding block, you can attack by clicking the unit.

Alliance Wars-6

Moving and attacking will consume Action Points. AP's regenerate gradually over time or can be purchased with war bonds.

An Alliance will occupy a city if it destroys the defender’s stronghold.

If two minutes go by without any attacks being made, the Defending Alliance will win the war and keep the city.

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