Players who reach level 22 have the option to build barracks on their bases. Here, players can form squads and invite other soldiers to fight in collaborative battles. Successful campaigns will result in considerable rewards.


Click on the barracks to choose to either create your own team or join an existing one. Click the TASK button to select from three given tasks, each with their own conditions and rewards. Upon completion of these tasks, three new ones will be produced automatically.


Players who choose to create their own team can click Invite Alliance to invite members from their own Alliances or Invite World to extend the invitation to all possible interested soldiers. Prepare well and fight intelligently and victory should be yours.


Barracks campaigns are available three times per day, after which time players will no longer be able to create their own teams. While it is still possible to fight on others’ teams, rewards will no longer be available until the following day. Check the Teams tab to see which teams are currently engaged in battle and waiting for your assistance!

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