Personalize your base according to the needs of your army. Recruit Commanders, train units, and build factories to make sure your men are always ready for battle.

====== Base Building Overview======


Command HQ

The heart of your base. Command HQ is where strategies are devised, decisions made, and invasion plans executed. Make sure to level up this building as soon as possible as it will unlock other base buildings.
Liberators-Recruiting office

Recruiting Office

Need new Commanders? Draft new ones in the Recruiting Office using War Bonds or Draft Tickets.
Liberators-Trophy Room

Trophy Room

This is where the spoils of war are kept. Visit the Trophy Room frequently to replenish your Gold and Supply Reserves.


Here you will be able to find all the equipment your units will need.
Liberators-Mess Hall

Mess Hall

Though its main purpose is to keep the soldiers fed, the Mess Hall is also where soldiers go to trade items among themselves.


This is where supplies are stored. The more warehouses you have, the more supplies your army will have in reserves.


Store your gold reserves in these highly protected bank vaults.


A general cannot rely solely on the home front to provide all the food your soldiers will need. Having farming facilities close to your base will keep their stomachs full and your mind at ease.


As military bases grow, entire economies tend to develop around them. Civilians who make a living from wartime activities need houses close to the base to live in and will generate lots of tax revenue.


Send Commanders to the Academy in order to improve their stats.


Assign Commanders to work here and they will immediately start crafting new items for your units.
Liberators-Tank Hangar

Tank Hangar

Recycled scrap metal is great for fixing damaged tanks. Visit the Tank Hangar to exchange captured dog tags for items.


Team up with other players to form powerful Squads and take out deadly enemies.


An efficient industry is key to waging a successful war. The more factories you have, the more Supplies you will churn out.

Your base is a crucial component on the path to victory. Its commodities and output are the lifeline your soldiers will need on the battlefield and beyond. Make sure to keep all facilities up to date and producing at maximum capacity in order to maintain the greatest strategic advantage.

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