• AfrikaKørps

    How to gain EXP?

    July 31, 2017 by AfrikaKørps

    The following are the best ways to gather EXP:

    1. Main Mission (lvl. 1)
    1. Daily tasks (lvl. 1)
    1. Soldier of the Reich (lvl. 11)
    1. Turning Points (lvl. 35)
    1. Invasion of Africa (lvl. 45)

    You can level up your Commanders, as well as give them new items, medals, and equipment to boost their battle ratings (BR).

    1. Main Mission (lvl 1)
    Advance through war-torn Europe liberating cities as your level develops
    2. Daily tasks (lvl 1)
    A regular list of assignments meant to familiarize players with the various functions of gameplay, and increase their military strength
    3. Headhunters (formerly known as Soldiers of the Reich) (lvl 11)
    Battles with some of the top Axis fighters, five free daily with additional ones purchasable according to VIP level; these grant 100 points …

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  • Mark Ikimouga

    Hey guys, 

    I'm trying to gain more cp for the commander Rommel, anyone know which city or town he maybe in so I can use the training option to gain some cp for him, please. 


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  • Kunyuk

    pengasuh bayi

    June 19, 2016 by Kunyuk

    lowongan kerja untuk babysister and ART,  syarat syarat 


    usia 17 s/d 35 tahun

    wajib KTP

    pilih salah satu (ijasah,KK,buku nikah)

    LPK resmi disnaker bekasi

    hub ibu tri gombong   081210826300

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  • Lucciola Liberator

    We'll be bringing a new addition to the Liberators army within a few days. This deadly warrior scored 505 confirmed kills, the largest number of his class of any major war. Even more impressive was the fact that these were accomplished within 100 days, at a time of year where daylight was scarce. Toward the end of the war, this lethal fighter wound up with half his face blown off by an explosive bullet, but lived to see a full recovery.

    Check back within the next week to find out who this mystery soldier is, and where you can find him on your path to liberate Nazi-occupied Europe! 

    Fact is stranger than fiction. History is littered with real heroes with unbelievable feats of triumph and deadliness. Liberators is your one-stop for real histor…

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  • Lucciola Liberator

    Not every soldier starts his path to glory on the smoothest of terms. Our focus today is on the grizzled, jaded, loud mouthed British soldier who could not get along with his superiors. He wound up in a jail cell, doomed to rot until the opportunity to serve his country landed on his lap.

    Known to his friends as a master rugby player and amateur boxer, Robert Blair "Paddy" Mayne is best remembered as a founding member of the Special Air Service who went on to become one of the British Army's most decorated servicemen. He crossed the Sahara desert in 130 degree heat to sneak behind Nazi lines and put a decisive end to the enemy. 


    Paddy Mayne commands an army of motorized recon units that are beyond deadly when put on the front lines. His SAS…

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  • Lucciola Liberator

    If there’s one weapon that the Second World War is known for, it’s tanks. This is definitely the war that puts tanks on the map.One of our favorites is the unforgettable Tiger 1. Deployed in 1942 in Europe and Africa, this was the first tank to mount the KwK 36 88-mm gun. Its design was highly sophisticated and required a lot of costly engineering, making it particularly expensive to produce. Able to advance in water up to four meters deep, the Tiger 1 had a substantially thicker armor than its predecessors and greater firepower, which allowed superior penetration and highly explosive firepower.

    Tanks in general are monsters on the Liberators battlefield. They have enormously high HP by comparison to soldier types. As motorized vehicles the…

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  • Lucciola Liberator

    Mortar weapons were all those issued to infantry units to provide close range, rapid response during the Second World War. They enhanced the indirect fire capability of an infantry unit in tactical combat. Their firepower is similar to that of a hand grenade, only far deadlier. With a range of up to 325 yards, mortar units are some of the most highly prized a soldier can want.


    On the Liberator’s battlefield, soldiers make use of the legendary M2 Mortar. This high-angle-of fire weapon was developed by the U.S. specifically for WWII and due to its powerful efficacy was used also in later wars as infantry weaponry.


    Mortar units are powerful on the rear lines due to their long range. They’re very good at attacking enemies deep within enemy lin…

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  • Lucciola Liberator

    Participants in the war saw many changes along its path. America’s added participation to the war effort changed the course of history forever. Likewise, diverting German troops with military engagement in Italy also deeply impacted

     the outcome of the war. As generals on the Liberators battlefield, players get the chance to relive these battles while

     leading their armies to victory.

    Players of level 35 or higher can participate in Turning Points, or military maneuvers that altered the course of the 

    war. From D-Day to the Italian Campaign, access to these battles changes each day. Each section has its own rules 

    and restrictions for participation, such as motorized units only. Successful completion will unlock battles of higher 

    difficulty lev…

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  • Lucciola Liberator

    The battle isn’t over after you’ve liberated a city. There are a number of functions that liberated cities present to the dedicated General. Foremost among these is the ability to raid cities for valuable army loot harbored by resistance fighters.


    When you’re low on supplies and need a bunch in a hurry, raiding cities is a quick and efficient way of gathering military gear. In a similar fashion to normal battles, city raiding will consume a portion of your supplies. Since raiding can be a costly measure, it’s a good idea to balance your supplies and your need. Clever generals are always aware of when and how to get their soldiers what they need in times of crisis.


    City raiding is a limitless enterprise. It starts with a single initiating b…

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