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Liberators-Big City
description: Declaration on Big Cities (x3 attempts/daily) can make Generals or Colonels in your alliance.

Properties: 12

  • Tobacco Shop (gives supplies)
Cost: 3000 dog tags
Basic output: 1600/day
Alliance output: 160/day
Special Output: Supplies
  • Market (gives Oil, items)
Cost: 600 dog tags
Basic output: 900/day
Alliance output: 900/day
Special Output: Oil, Items
  • Le café (gives gold, drafts)
Cost: 1000 dog tags
Basic output: 1300/day
Alliance output: 130/day
Special Output: Gold
  • house x4
Cost: 300 dog tags
Basic output: 3200/day
Alliance output: 320/day
  • manor
Cost: 9000 dog tags
Basic output: 7000/day
Alliance output: 700/day
  • church
Cost: 800 dog tags
Basic output: 3900/day
Alliance output: 390/day
  • villa x2
Cost: 4000 dog tags
Basic output: 5500/day
Alliance output: 550/day
  • City Hall
Here you can become Governor by CHALLENGE.

Can be decleared by: Generals or Colonels

City Edit



Properties: 10

Can be decleared by:

Town Edit



Properties: 8

Can be decleared by:

Village Edit


Properties: 6

Can be decleared by:

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