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Players control armies led by actual figures from history. These characters are known in the game as Commanders. Each Commander’s army specializes in a particular kind of unit, which is defined by their weaponry and combat type. Commanders’ total might is a combination of stats, including attack, defense, troops (HP), speed, and amount of supplies consumed per battle. The combination of this information creates the BR (battle rating) of the given Commander’s army. This figure can be improved by the equipping of items, such as weapons or material upgrades, or by attaining CPs (commander points) from the Commanders themselves in the recruitment office, by training with them their respective cities , or by purchasing drinks for them in the Pub

Star Rank Edit

Commander units have three different types of stats: infantry/motorized, close/long range; firearm/explosive.

Their star ranks are noted in the upper right of their profile picture. The order of their rank is as follows:


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