Join dozens of historical figures on the battlefield as you recreate famous battles and liberate Europe from Nazi control. Take advantage of each Commander’s special attack and strategize your way to ultimate victory.

Experience an immersive atmosphere as some of the most iconic scenes and photography are recreated for your viewing pleasure. Countless base buildings, military vehicles, weaponry, and more are reproduced to ensure authenticity.

Overview of the training of commandersEdit


Commanders can come in 1 of 10 different types. 

Machine gun, AT, Paratroopers, Motor,Tank, Rifleman, Artillery, Bazooka and Sniper

Commander ClassEdit

Commanders’ class can be leveled up from white to gold by consuming supplies.

Adding equipment will also increase your Commander’s power on the battlefield.


Upgrade your Commander to a 5-star ranking using strategic items.


Commander status can be manipulated in the following ways:

Unit FeaturesEdit

Each unit has 4 features, each with its own specialty. Take advantage of them and their location on the battlefield. Exploit the weaknesses of your opponents.

Commander skillsEdit

Each Commander has their own special attack which can be leveled up with experience.