Headhunters is one of the alternatives in Battle mode.Your objective is to beat 2 waves of soldiers commanded by the best enemies. You will get equipment for every battle you win. You can also get the possibility to battle a special target if you meet the requirements. Defeating the targets with three stars will give you better rewards.

Enemies Edit

The enemies you'll have to beat are divided in different groups, each of them with particular characteristics. To advance to a new group, you have to defeat the previous bosses first.

I-Panzer Men Edit



Enemy Biography Rewards
KNISPEL With at least 168 confirmed tank kills, Knispel is one of the

deadliest panzer crewmen of the Wehrmacht. Though

sightly unpopular with the nazi authorities for his

rebellious spirit, he is extremely deadly once inside a tank

and has been causing major headaches to our soviet


*80 EXP

*200 M1 Garand

*200 M1919 Growning

*200 M1 Mortar

GUDERIAN An architect of Blitzkrieg warfare, Guderian has

pioneered the use of radio between panzer crews to

enable lightning quick assaults deep behind enemy

lines. Talking him out will deal a severe blow to the

faultering Wehrmacht.

*80 EXP

*200 M1 Helmet

*200 Camo Gear

*200 Tank Helmet

WITTMANN This Waffen-SS Panzer ace seems unstoppable and

impossible to kill. With over 138 direct tank kills, he is one

of the deadliest men of the SS and must be stopped.

*80 EXP

*200 Winchester Model 70

*200 Army Boots

*200 Jerry Can

ROMMEL This German national hero of the 1st World War has been

having tremendous success commanding Panzer forces

in both Europe and North Africa.

*80 EXP

*200 M9 Bazooka

*200 First Aid Kit

*200 Wrench


Enemy Biography and requirements Rewards
ZHUKOV A living legend in the USSR, Zhukov is a ruthless

commander and a brilliant tactician.

(You will need to clear 'Rommel' stage with 3 stars to

unlock Zhukov's side quest)

*Bonus Draw
PATTON Patton, the legendary tank commander who has already

proved his grit in both the African and Italian campaigns.

(You will need to clear 'Wittman' stage with 3 stars to

unlock Patton's side quest)

*Bonus Draw