Guderian had pioneered motorized tactics in the pre-war army, while keeping himself well-informed about tank development in other armies. In particular, he promoted the use of radio communication between tank-crews, and devised shock-tactics that proved highly effective. In 1940, he led the Panzers that broke the French defences at Sedan, France, leading to the surrender of France. In 1941, his attack on Moscow was delayed byorders from Hitler with whom he disagreed sharply. After the German defeat at the Battle of Moscow he was transferred to the reserve. This marked the end of his ascendancy.

After the defeat at Stalingrad, Hitler appointed him to a new post, rebuilding the shattered Panzer forces, but he feuded with many other generals, who managed to get his responsibilities re-allocated. He was then appointed Chief of the General Staff of the Army, but this was largely a symbolic post, since Hitler had effectively become his own Chief of Staff. From 1945-48, Guderian was held in U.S. custody, but released without charge. He then advised on the re-establishment of military forces in West Germany.

Father of German's Blitz, Guderian is well known for Nazi's Victory over French who still love WWI Tactic, Defense (Most French officer trust too much with their outdated Maginot line except the well known one De Gaulle)