Decisive battles Edit

Usually this special event usually activated on Sundays at midnight to dawn Monday. The little secret to fully complete this event is only use 1 to 3 attempts in decisive battles on Sunday and midnight complete the leftovers. If you used an attempt only you can complete the other 5 and get all the rewards as soon as the event is triggered and use other attempts at decisive moments. If you used more than one attempt will have to wait at 5am for another 2 attempts are updated at decisive moments and to fully complete this event.

Total Reward: 80k gold

Training Edit

It is an outstanding having a frequency of once a week event. In order to get all chocolates it is advisable to only use 3 trials of training before 12 pm. To await the occurrence of the event, once you confirm the appearance you use the remaining 12 attempts. At 5 am training another 15 attempts so you have 27 of the 25 required training available to complete this event is regenerated.

Total Reward: 17 chocolates.

Challenge squad Edit

It is one of the easiest events to complete because you only have to form a squad three times in the barracks.

Total Reward: 9K supplies.

Battle of Desert Edit

As in the training field event this event has a special mode to complete, and the trick is to not use or only use five stages of the invasion of Africa and wait for midnight that the event occurs. To use the remaining stages. That you only get 9 wins to take the 5:00 a.m. try to complete the 14 stages of the invasion of Africa which will complete the 22 wins will be updated.

Total Reward: 3 Case medal, 8 case large & 5 Rack Medals.

Suborner Edit

For complete this event you will have 50 chocolates in your inventory, you can visit the following link ... &fromuid=453065 to know how to get that amount quickly, chocolates recommend spending 3 commanders.

Total Reward: 37 tactics of deception (commander experience).

Raid Edit

Recommendations for this game mode: 60K supplies have access to all rewards quickly and easily. I recommend looting the city of Angers which is the first to plunder in story mode and is one that has lower cost per Raid (600 per sack). I recommend using the Hard looting because it has the same cost as normal looting the only difference is you get more equipment, you can then share or sell your guild.

Total Reward: 80k and 50k Gold supplies