Policy is a great way to use political leverage to give your army a tactical advantage in the war!

!!! Very important to upgrade, to make your army stronger and leveling your B.R.

Which one you will focus depends on your player type...


-> Obtain Victory Reports by playing WAR GAME

On War Edit

  • On War – increase attack for current units
  • Mobilization – increase defense for current units
  • Military Tradition – increase attack and defense for currentunits
  • Discipline – increase troops for current units
  • Modern Logistics – increase speed for current units

Suffrage Edit

  • Economic Union – increase gold production
  • Arsenal of Democracy – increase ammo production
  • New Deal – increase supply production
  • Treaty of Organization – increase defense for allied units
  • Their Finest Hour – increase attack for allied units
  • Volunteer Army – increase troops for allied units

Class Struggle Edit

  • Five-Year Plan – increase ammo production
  • Iron Curtain – increase defense for soviet units
  • Socialist Realism – increase attack for soviet units
  • The Motherland Calls – increase troops for soviet units
  • Hero of the People – increase morale for soviet units
  • Patriotic War – soviet units counter x percentage of closecombat damage taken

Totalitarianism Edit

  • Cult of Personality – increase troops for axis current units
  • Nationalism – increase defense for axis current units
  • Elite Forces – increase attack for axis current units
  • Militarism – increase speed for axis current units
  • Oberkommando de Heeres – axis units cause x percentage extradamage to soviet units
  • Oberkommando der Wehrmacht – axis units cause x percentageextra damage to allied units

BUG : zero Moral Hero of the People – increase morale for soviet units

BUG : Max 1 % for basic production For all % ressource, always  1% of the basic production, never more