When you join in some Alliance try to buy properties of city your Alliance captured.

Buy Tobacco Shop, Marker and La Cafe, (they give supplies, gold, drafts, oil...), dont waste dog tags on expensive buildings.

Alliance members can own 4 Properties. Building Production will receive a 10% bonus if the Alliance occupies the city.


Tobacco Shop Edit


Cost: 3000 dog tags

Basic output: 1600/day

Alliance output: 160/day

Special Output: Supplies

Market Edit


Cost: 600 dog tags

Basic output: 900/day

Alliance output: 900/day

Special Output: Oil, Items

Le Cafe Edit


Cost: 1000 dog tags

Basic output: 1300/day

Alliance output: 130/day

Special Output: Gold

House Edit

Cost: 300 dog tags

Basic output: 3200/day

Alliance output: 320/day

Manor Edit

Cost: 9000 dog tags

Basic output: 7000/day

Alliance output: 700/day

Church Edit

Cost: 800 dog tags

Basic output: 3900/day

Alliance output: 390/day

Villa Edit

Cost: 4000 dog tags

Basic output: 5500/day

Alliance output: 550/day

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