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If there’s one weapon that the Second World War is known for, it’s tanks. This is definitely the war that puts tanks on the map.One of our favorites is the unforgettable Tiger 1. Deployed in 1942 in Europe and Africa, this was the first tank to mount the KwK 36 88-mm gun. Its design was highly sophisticated and required a lot of costly engineering, making it particularly expensive to produce. Able to advance in water up to four meters deep, the Tiger 1 had a substantially thicker armor than its predecessors and greater firepower, which allowed superior penetration and highly explosive firepower.

Tanks in general are monsters on the Liberators battlefield. They have enormously high HP by comparison to soldier types. As motorized vehicles they are particularly suited for speed and resistance. They are particularly strong against close combat infantry units, but be careful, because they can also have a weak spot for explosive units. They are best against Jeeps, so when you see Paddy Mayne or Tommy Prince, you know what to do. In general, keep these units on your front line, sit back, and watch the destruction!

If you need to beef up your army with a tank unit (and we know you do), here's a great unit to give a try to. Let your Tiger I's claws rip through your enemy's lines.

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