Joining Alliances is an indispensable system in Liberators. Alliance Members can share rewards and benefits, as well as wage Alliance warfare and occupy cities.

Alliance Features:

Alliance Flag

The flag is the symbol of your Alliance. Each Alliance’s flag is unique. The more cities you conquer, the wider your influence. Cover the map with your presence and occupy the continent.

Alliance Donations

Donations help level up the Alliance, enlarge the member cap, and reward the donors with Alliance Ammo, Dog Tags, and Alliance contributions

Alliance Tech

Alliances will offer various opportunities to build all new kinds of Alliances technology.

Occupying cities

Through Alliance warfare your Alliance can occupy cities. Only in captured cities can members enter and build up products and assets produced by that city.

Alliance properties

Alliance members can apply to receive alliance products. Such products provide all members with extra benefits, and can be a vital resource for receiving supplies for your army.

Alliance warehouse

Members have the option to leave extra equipment in the Alliance warehouse to be used at the Alliance leader’s discretion. Likewise, they can receive needed items from Alliance contributions.

Spoils of War

Members can buy supplies and gold with dog tags.